Outdoor Pottery

Our mission at Miguel’s is to offer our clients the largest variety of high-quality outdoor vessels in Austin. Our outdoor container selection consists of Vietnamese pottery, Indo-Pacific stone vessels and traditional hacienda Mexican pottery.

Stoneware (Glazed)

Vietnamese glazed stoneware is considered the most durable pottery on the market. The pottery is fired at 1100-1300 degrees Celsius with impervious glazes that are very thick and vibrant in color, the clay used is of superior quality rendering a clay pot literally as hard as stone.

Earthenware (Black Clay)

Coffee and rich, smoky charcoal colors form a natural glaze on the surface of these pots, originally used as storage vessels, their rich colors go well against limestone and suit our central Texas landscape. Extremely durable.


From modern to Mediterranean, these beautiful terracotta pots are breathable vessels that aerate the soil in which your sun-loving plants will thrive.

Terrazo (Fibercrete)

Scientifically formulated and highly advanced concrete composite material, fibercrete is made up of a precise mixture of synthetic concrete fibers, glue, and recycled byproduct resulting in a light grey finish that can be painted. Exhibits the durability of concrete without the excessive weight.

Stacked Stone

Skillfully dry-stacked stone vessels made of various types of colored stones or slate, some in the form of mosaics. 
Incredibly unique, organic with amazing texture, they will only grow more beautiful with time.

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